Juggling All the Balls

Damn, trying to keep up with life is royally kicking my @$$ these last few weeks…. Even as I write this blog at this very moment while my kid is at soccer practice, I am thinking about the 20 other things I need to be doing when all I really want to do is just sleep.

It has literally been weeks since I wrote last and mostly because I became a slacker. Well, not really….really, I let the stress of life get in my way. I started the year with BIG goals, that’s what you do in January right? Well, that is what I did…I thought of some attainable goals, wrote them down, and started working toward them ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!! This included things like getting my health coaching business off the ground, starting my web page and blog, writing a book; all with great intentions to help as many people as possible. And to add to that, my husband and I had the brilliant idea to sell our house. WTF, WHAT WAS I THINKING!! (and yes, I just ALL CAPPED that)

I started off a little slow getting hung up on little things like the perfect design (and i mean like for weeks till I got over myself, ridiculous). Then I finally got it up and running, trying to keep up with my clients and team. THEN…..life is what it is. Go to work, leave work and go directly home to take kid #1 to soccer practice, come home to help kid #2 with homework (2-3 hours worth) because she will ONLY do it with Mommy. Next day, go to work, leave work, meet hubby at horseback riding lessons so he can take the little one home to finish homework so her allergies don’t kill her. REPEAT Monday through Friday….. Then the weekend comes and you sigh a breath of relief, well kind of…. then there are soccer games, parties, play dates, clean the house, grocery shopping, and by Sunday, you are getting ready for the week again. Sound familiar, anyone…anyone???

I know it sounds like I am complaining and really that is not my intention. I LOVE being a mom and I love taking then to their activities and even helping them with their homework (minus the several hours worth). My intention is to spell out what mom’s all over the world do every day and typically this results in putting “mommy wants” aside for the sake of the family. And as hard as it is to see, it really doesn’t have to be that way. You may just have to be a little more creative.

For example, I haven’t written in my blog for weeks BUT I am writing now and I still have my goals in sight. I am just going to have to MAKE time. Its not going to be perfect and its not always going to work the way I hope but I will get there and so can YOU.

Us Moms are resourceful, intelligent, and independent people; we can make anything work when we put our minds to it and want it bad enough. Just like juggling balls in the air, keep juggling but maybe the floor doesn’t get swept tonight or maybe have the kiwalt disney moving forward quoteds do the dishes. Yeah, they may not do it how you like, but you may also have to get over that to do what you want or just leave it (I promise it will still be there when you are finished, lol).

It is stressful, but keep moving forward. One of my favorite quotes is from Walt Disney…so simple and so true. Really, why not…its nice to have something to look forward to and I look forward to the path.



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