First Impression Disaster

Let me begin with a small bit of background. My husband is a real estate agent who joined a team last week. For those of you not familiar with the concept, a team is a group of people who work together on the behalf of their client. To a real estate agent, I like to view it as a family who keep each other motivated and inspired to reach their full potential.

Like I said, he joined the team last week and coincidentally, they were having a team happy hour that very same night so he got an invite. He came home and shared the news. We discussed whether or not I should go, I was actually perfectly content with staying home with the kids so he could bond with the team. He said he would like me to come so I could meet them (bet he is second guessing that now).

I quickly found a babysitter and dressed not too fancy and not too casual. Wanted to have a classy, casual look (of which I did not really pull off but I thought I looked good) and away we went.

Gotta tell ya, I cannot remember the last time I actually went to a happy hour since I had kids (who are now 12 1/2 and 9). Come to think of it, I’m not really sure I have ever been to a happy hour. Needless to say, I was a tad excited about dressing up a bit and going out with a group of actual adults.

We went to a great hidden bar that was surrounded by a river. One of those little gems that only the locals really know about. The atmosphere was very relaxed and chill. There were only a few of us there at first so we had a few drinks during some “get to know you” casual conversation. You know what I mean, that casual and cautious “feeling you out” kind of conversation. As the night rode on, more of the team and friends arrived. Also as the night rode on, the drinks kept coming as well.

This would be a great stopping point to provide a little background of myself for those who are not family and already know where this story is going. On any normal day with new introductions (especially business related), I will have casual, professional approach to the discussion. I mainly just sit quietly, observe, and interject only if I can actually contribute to the conversation; mostly I prefer to observe. HOWEVER, after I have enough drinks in me; I decide that I can solve world hunger, thank and apologize, and repeat myself often. (This is the point where all the family members reading this are emphatically shaking their head in agreement.) I really am harmless and mean well with my problem solving self but damn, I JUST MET THESE FOLKS. The night ended, hubby and I got home at 1am on a Thursday morning (yes, I did have to work that day and get up at 5am) pleased with how the night went and meeting our new friend.

It was on my way to work that morning when all the horrific flashbacks of some of the discussions started to return to me. I am literally in my car saying out loud to myself “REALLY Angela” and “what the hell were you thinking.” I remember the multiple discussions of thanking them for taking my husband on because he is an “acquired taste.” And the discussions where I started the sentence with “are you open to some constructive criticism.” I also believe I was offering suggestions for improvements (that would be the problem solver in me because you can’t have a problem without a solution, right?)

WTF, just writing this now makes me cringe and just shake my head. There was a point LONG AGO where I would wake up the next morning and apologize to everyone I spoke to the night before. I don’t do that anymore. I am who I am; you either love me or hate me.

Either way, this was the first impression my husbands new BUSINESS associates have of me. Luckily, I don’t remember dancing naked on the bar and if I did, I really don’t want to know about it. I think I have decided to write this off as a “break the ice” session. Now they have seen me at my close to worst…..drunk….. so things can only go up from here, right. The good news is they still want him on the team and maybe at worst, I will just be known as the drunk wife.

So why share this entirely embarrassing and almost shameful behavior? Well, because frankly….. none of us are perfect; we all fuck up at some point in our lives and it is O.K. Trust you know who you are, own it, and move on….

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