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Angela Clubb is an author, entrepreneur, and registered nurse who uses her skills of persistence, compassion, observation, and problem-solving to guide others to living healthy and fulfilling lives through her practical and sometimes witty books. Angela provides a realistic and thought-provoking approach allowing her readers to easily understand and apply her teachings and tools to their daily lives.   Her mission in life is to help people live a life without regrets, live in the moment, and be all they want to be in the most authentic and innovative manner.

Angela is the author of The Money Mindset Formula – Resolve Your Love Hate Relationship with Money, The Magic of Mindset – Understanding the Law of Attraction, and and High Blood Pressure Wellness Journal, just to name a few.

Angela is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother who values living in the moment and creating great memories with her family. She enjoys camping with her family, going to the beach, and having fun new adventures.

An awkward, loner child with a heart of gold raised in the suburbs of Maryland, I was always searching for my purpose and place in the world. Growing up, I did not have any tangible gifts I could explore with gifts like art, music, or sports; however, I did have quite the knack for listening, problem solving, and bringing out the best in others. As a young adult, this translated into becoming a nurse because God knows I didn’t have the patience to become a therapist.

While working in healthcare as an ER nurse, I have had the most wonderful and heart-wrenching experiences. It may not have always been sunshine and rainbows but I would never trade the experience I received or the fabulous people I have met along the way. Everyone, from patients, to family members, to my fabulous co-workers have all shaped the person I have become today; I am so grateful.

How did I come to write? To be completely honest, I never was into writing as a child or into adulthood. However, a few years ago, I had a “wake-up call” that started me on a journey to finding purpose and living a meaningful life. Along that journey, I learned a lot about who I am and how I want to live my life. I was so excited I wanted to share everything I learned with as many people as possible. I wanted to find a way to reach more people than I ever could just walking in the hospital door. So I found my voice and started writing. My first book was a product of a lice outbreak in several schools in the area which was completely HORRIBLE on the first write. Fortunately, since then I have updated that book to a free helpful guide and written my Control Your Disease and Living With Intention Series guiding my readers to healthy living and living with purpose.

I have several projects I am working on now and excited to share. I will be finishing up both of my current series and then starting my Heart Hero Series (tentative name) where I introduce you to the most courageous and vibrant young gentlemen I have ever met and who have taught me so much about life and living in the moment. All of these guys have a congenital heart defect with multiple heart procedures but look at life as their playground; their personal stage of possibility. They live every day as if it’s their last. It will include some heart-wrenching parts but their stories will teach so many people about resilience, determination, and being in the moment. Keep an eye out…more to come.

I do pride myself on being a realistic and practical writer. I want to make my books easy to understand and then provide practical tools and next steps for my readers so they can be successful in all their endeavors as well. I aim to teach and guide to success whether health or purpose related. I thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy my books.

I am in this interesting phase in my life where my role as mother and caregiver has taken a shift. My younger children are much more independent and not longer want to “hang” with mom. I am doing more for my mother and have been blessed with an adorable grandson. I now find myself searching for my new place in this world and trying to define what I like. I have now poured myself into writing and enjoying exploring all the new things I want to try such as learning piano, going to exercise classes, and painting. I also enjoy my other favorite staples which include camping with my family, going to the beach, getting lost in a good psychological thriller, and gardening. 

Yours Truly,

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